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About Linux Kernal

Linux is a kernel, it is the clone of the operating system Unix, written from scratch by Linus Torvalds.
Kernel is a core part of the operating system.
Linux has a monolithic architecture (where the entire operating system is working in kernel space)
Linux is a multi-user system (like server system) where more than one user can connect and access a single server.
We can run multiple task on a single system (multi task).
Linux support loadable kernel module (LKMs) which we will be discussing later.
Linux kernel abstractions are file and process.

File – collection of bytes (character)
Process – Execution of File (bytes)

The primary kernel functionality is to interface the user service to the hardware resource.

In general our system consist of 3 layers

  The layer1 is called user space (or) user layer (or) application layer. All our user created commands (or) GUIs (or) programs are running on this layer.

  The second layer is called kernel space(or) kernel layer(or) system layers where all the system services run. As a user, we are running application on the user space where the application (user process) needs service for establishing a connection to the hardware. The kernel (kernel layer) provides such a service through a flow where the application requests the kernel and in turn the kernel requests the hardware.

  The third layer is called hardware layer, this is bottom layer in architecture. The kernel will talk to the hardware resource for Executionuting the user services via device drivers and controller.

The given architecture (fig1.1) is the traditional monolithic kernel architecture.All the system services such as file, process, memory, scheduling, interrupt handling etc., were encapsulated into a single module in the kernel space.The module are nothing but the kernel object file(.ko) where the whole code can be linked to kernel at runtime. The Current monolithic kernel structure consists of different modules which can be dynamically loaded and unloaded. In this way the maintainability is very easy and recompilation is not required upon adding new features or doing some changes.

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    This is Nice to very good to understand the linux Kernal.

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      I love the way of Flow.

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